Sunday, June 28, 2009

how the punctuation marks got different

Once upon a time, there were three periods. one was called a question mark, one was called a period, and one was called an exclamation mark. The first period, called the period, behaved very well. He stayed the same. When the sentence was always over, he said, "That was the end of the sentence."

The second period, called the question mark, always did the bad thing. He said, "What will happen?" So God put a curse on him, and he got a squiggly line above him.

The third period, called the exclamation mark, didn't behave well. After he was supposed to say "That was the end of the sentence," he said, "Whoa! That's surprising!". So God put a curse on him, and he got a straight line on his head.

Friday, June 5, 2009


did you know that sickness is the cure for healthy?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ingredients & outgredients

The ingredients are what you put into a recipe. The outgredients are the things you leave out of a recipe. Like, if a recipe calls for eggs, the outgredients would be the shell.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wildlife Surgery

There was a chicken, and she said, "This is a good nest." She was a very old chicken so she couldn't build a nest very well, so a red-tailed hawk built a nest for her. But she didn't know that there was a grass snake there. And the grass snake slithered out and startled her and she went "Ahhh!", and the chicken startled the mouse and the mouse startled the elephant and they all ran to the Library and knocked down the walls and all the books.

They went past a tree that a jaguar was sleeping in, and the Jaguar went, "ueue-e-ueueu-eh!". There was a lizard under the tree where the Jaguar was sleeping, and it surprised the lizard and it banged its belly on the sidwalk, and then it went to the vet, and the vet said they should cut it a little deeper. They found that inside was a little rock that was on a bone. They took it out and stitched up the lizard. But a corner away, the other animals were going crazy. But then the lizard came back, and they decided to all make friends, and the snake invited the chicken to its hole and the chicken invited the snake to its nest, and the elephant invited the mouse to its colony, and the jaguar invited the lizard to its tree.

And whatever animal they met that was unusual, they became friends with.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

the long-eared people and the dinosaured beast

The Long-Eared people are the good guys, and the dinosaured beast is the bad guy.

The long-eared people have this spaceship and they went to this desert island and they went to a zoo. And the sign said, "Don't come in: Danger and Diseases." Those were the dangerous beasts.

And then, the beasts were all kind of just a little nice, but one of them was not nice at all. The beasts that came first were a little nice, but the one that came last was not nice at all; it even had a really mean name. I think its name was Con Boulder, because boulders are big rocks, and if they land on a part of your body, they can hurt you a little bit. Then they saw Con Boulder rush by, but they stopped.

Con Boulder was the leader. It didn't mean he went in the front; it means he told all of the other beasts what to do. He told all the beasts in the world what to do.

The beasts ran toward the Long-Eared People and chased them to a volcano. The Daddy long-eared person said, "Um, the only thing we have to do is jump over that steam, and smoke, and hot lava and fire, but I don't think we can do that."

But they discovered their ship, but it wasn't the right thing that they needed. It was out of gas, but there weren't many gas stations around that desert island, and all the gas stations were closed.

But then they discovered a dam that used to be used by a beaver, and the kids said, "We could use those sticks to throw at the beasts," but it didn't work.

The beast ate the sticks. And then, the beast had a trick to play on them. He leaded all the other beasts to try to get them to go to the water and fall into it.

They almost fell into the water, but there was this big plant that came up. The beast tricked them. He went up into a tree. They said, "We can climb up that tree." But the beast didn't climb up a tree at all; he went into a cave.

They decided to leave the beast in the wild. And they went off to look at some hummingbirds, but right then, the beast and his friends were coming up, eating all the cactus flowers so the hummingbirds couldn't drink their nectar.

But then they saw these big cactuses, but the flowers were too high for the beasts. These funny looking bees were flying above the flowers, but they weren't bees at all. They were hummingbirds!

But something was going wrong with the baby hummingbirds. Three of them jumped out of the cactus where the nest was. And nobody knows that the hummingbirds were going to get hurt but the long-eared people boy. He couldn't reach them where they were falling, so they put them in a can and climbed up a ladder and put them back in their hold in the cactus.

The End.

Monday, July 30, 2007

jungle time

One time there was a deep, dark jungle that had lots of gorillas and elephants and tigers at it, but then the jungle went back in time and went past time for years and years and then saber tooth tigers and woolly mammoths and dinosaurs were there. And then another jungle went front in time that wasn't the jungle that went back in time with dinosaurs and woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers, and the sloths lived in that other jungle and the tigers and the bears and gorillas. The End.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


It wouldn't be a good show to watch if it was called poop.